W/C 9. Behind Your Mask.

Thh LadyLove.
When life hits you hard, hit it even harder.
Tell you the truth i lost my faith in you
Gold Class Movie
Saturday, March 29, 2014 AT 10:51:00 PM ★

28 Mar 2014 ; Captain America; The Winter Soldier with bboy at Gold Class Golden Village 112 Katong. (♡˘ө˘♡)

God has given me...
Wednesday, February 26, 2014 AT 3:27:00 PM ★
God has let me meet a man on 19 July 2008, 
God has let a man confess to me on 30 August 2008
God has given me a boyfriend on 10 October 2008,
God has taught me how to accept someone wholeheartedly,
God has entrusted someone to let me believe in love do exists,

Yes, he is none other than my Boyfriend♥. I confess, he has the ability to destroy my mind, my heart, my body, my soul if he were to break me into pieces one day. I fall in love easily. I get smitten so easily. I am a stupid person who falls in love so easily but I believe and I hope he will be the one to pick me up and love me with the rest of his life. Yeah, I fear cheating, fear external sources but I want this love to last. Last till the day we die, the day I die, the day he die. I want to be his everything. I know it's a term that many don't dare to use but I want to believe and hope that we will last till death do us part. I know many things have come between us. I hope things will turn out better but I don't want to destroy us. Just loving us the way we are. The future is something we just have to believe in. I am a believer in love. I know it can hurt someone or it can make someone the best person ever. But whatever trials coming along us, I know and I believe we can make it through. Thank you God for giving me this man, this love. ♥

Valentine's Day 2014
Sunday, February 16, 2014 AT 9:33:00 PM ★
  1. With the Love♥.
  2. Half day leave.
  3. Two Polaroid photos with the Love♥.
  4. Buffet at The Terrace @ A Beaufort Hotel. 
  5. Tanjong Pagar > Somerset > Ang Mo Kio > Sentosa > Mount Faber > Ang Mo Kio
  6. Less pictures but I enjoyed myself. ﹋o﹋

Happy Fifth Yearsary !
Thursday, October 10, 2013 AT 8:00:00 PM ★
10 October 2013 ♥
Happy Fifth Yearsary.

Five years ago, we are just two person embarking on a journey.
Five years later, I am proud to say I still love you more than words can say.
Dinner with LoverBoy♥ at IKOI Japanese Restaurant.
Loved the food and of course, the whole Japanese feeling.
The sashimi is ultra good with the soup !
Of course, not forgetting how yummlicious the fish head was.
I get to eat my favorite sweeten tofu ! AWESOME !
Although didn't receive anything from LoverBoy♥,
But I am glad I spend the day beautifully with him.
Pictures of the food are at the bottom ! Enjoy , my peeps! ! ☺☺☺

IKOI Japanese Restaurant.

It's October which also means that Halloween is approaching
That explains why is so halloween-y! 

Wow, I love the sashimi ! ♥♥♥

(From Left to Right:
Edamame, Pork Katsu, Soup, Fish Head, Sashimi and Tempura)

Do visit this yummlicious IKOI Japanese Restaurant 
& I bet you won't regret ! :D


Happy 24th Birthday, Boyfriend.
Tuesday, September 24, 2013 AT 7:58:00 PM ★
May all your wishes come true and always be this cute! ;D
In short, this post is going to be a birthday post dedicated to my Boyfriend♥. Over the weekend, it was my Boyfriend♥'s 24th birthday. We head over to Vivo City to have his birthday dinner. H3h3h3z, my Boyfriend♥ is finally 24 years old. How fast time has flown by. This is the second cycle for him this year. Well, he always self proclaimed he is still 23 years but finally on 21st September 2013, my Boyfriend♥ is 24 years old. I am so happy to be able to spend his birthday with him once again. Although it wasn't as what I planned, but I am glad that he enjoyed himself. Birthday must happy happy! I did not buy anything expensive for him this year yet just a simple slice of Otello from GLACE. It was a total disappointment but I am glad my Boyfriend♥ finished each single bit of the cake! That makes me very touched. Thank you Boyfriend♥. Well, right now I am going to upload the dindinz we have that day. I love you Boyfriend♥. <3

Happy 24th Birthday, my Boyfriend♥. <3
A simple slice of cake from me.

21 Sept 2013 ; My Boyfriend♥ and I. :D

My delicious Ramen and Side Dish (Chicken Cutlet)

Boyfriend♥'s delicious Ramen and Side Dish (Tofu)

Daniel's Teppanyaki Set
 That's all for my pictures! Enjoy this simple short post.